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5 Indoor Plants That You Can Give As Gifts To Your Loved Ones

If you are looking to get one of your loved ones a gift for a special occasion, gift them something green. Surya Nursery is the best plant Nursery in Chandigarh and has the largest collection of houseplants. Choose from a wide range and gift your loved ones something that they will love and nurture. The experts at Surya Nursery will help you pick out the plants that fit your demands. Not only that but you can also get various gardening accessories to give along with the gift. Gardening is a soul-healing process, so what’s better than a plant when you need to give a gift to someone you care about.

If you need some suggestions, this article is just for you. Surya Nursery has selected the best out of the lot for you. If you want to gift a loved one, these are the plants you should choose from. Indoor plants are the best way to start the journey of being a gardener. Gardening is a therapy for your soul, so, isn’t that the best gift for a loved one? If your loved one is already into plants and gardening, you’ll know their taste and it’ll be easy for you to choose. However, if you want them to get into the gardening world, we have the best suggestions for plants for you. Here are 5 indoor plants that you can give as gifts to your loved ones:

Vishnu Kamal

Vishnu KamalThey are Vastu plants for money and good wealth. This plant is the symbol of life, fertility, and ever-renewing growth. The Vishnu Kamal plant describes feminine beauty, especially the female eyes. Vishnu Kamal is a spiritual plant and your loved one will surely like this as a gift. Surya Nursery has the best collection of Vishnu Kamals to choose from. Gift your loved ones a token of beauty and spirituality. It’s a succulent plant and can be perfect to start someone’s gardening journey. Visit the best plant nursery in Chandigarh and get one for your loved one.




BonsaiKeeping a Bonsai tree alive is not a difficult task, but there are a few things you should be aware of. Bonsai trees are planted in small pots with minimal space for water and nutrient reserves. That means you need to water and fertilize your tree regularly. The person you’re gifting it to will have to make sure that the bonsai gets plenty of light, water, and fertilizers when they need it. Visit Surya Nursery to choose from the best range of bonsai trees. Gift the spirituality and essence of Japan to your loved ones. Also, cutting bonsais and shaping them is considered an art and can become a hobby.



Maranta Red Prayer Plant

Maranta Red Prayer PlantThe Maranta Red Prayer Plant has soft dark green leaves with feathered, painterly-like centers of light green and red veins. The colorful foliage and slow growth make this a perfect plant for window sills, mantles, or shelves that need a splash of color. The Red Prayer Plant is an easy plant. Place it in a sunny spot, keep its soil damp, and mist its leaves once a week and it will flourish. The Red Prayer plant gets its name from the way the leaves fold in the evening because they resemble hands folded in prayer. This is a perfect gift for a loved one. Get one from Surya Nursery in Chandigarh.




PoinsettiaPoinsettia plants remain one of the most popular holiday flowers. The familiar red blooms have been joined by even flashier colors. Actually, they are not flowers but modified leaves called bracts. The bright bracts are designed to attract insects to the tiny yellow flowers in their centers. Because poinsettias have been forced into bloom, they need some extra care to keep them in bloom throughout the holidays. While they might need some extra care, these plants are perfect for people who like to keep their garden colorful. Get yours from Surya Nursery today to gift it to a loved one.



Pink Tecoma

Pink TecomaIt is a perennial fast-growing evergreen climber covered in masses of pink trumpet-shaped flowers during spring and summer and reduced flowering in winter & it requires trellising or chain-like fencing or arbors for growing over it.  It can be grown in big pots/containers that remain in bush condition. It is a vigorous, rambling shrub with shiny green leaves. It is an evergreen plant in warm climate areas but loses its leaves in colder areas. Flowering time for this shrub is very erratic and often it flowers all year round. So, this is a perfect plant as a gift for someone special. The flowers bloom all year round just like the connection between two soulmates. Visit the best plant nursery in Chandigarh and get one for your loved one.

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