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Top 5 Garden Plants For Your Collection

Being a gardener requires a sense of responsibility and a feeling of love for gardening & nature. The biggest responsibility of a gardener is taking care of and nurturing the plants. Ultimately, that’s what makes sure the preservation of nature and the environment. So, gardeners are important pillars when it comes to preserving nature and its gifts. This is the same vision that the best plant nursery in Chandigarh has. Surya Nursery’s immense love for nature enables the nursery to grow and provide healthy and beautiful plants for gardeners and all other people.

The gardeners at Surya Nursery make sure that the plants available are in proper condition and perfectly healthy. Sharing its vision with other gardeners (clients), Surya Nursery knows what’s best for every garden and they never fail to provide that. Every garden has its own story and style. The team of gardeners at the biggest and best plant nursery in Chandigarh understands that. So, Surya Nursery’s responsibility is to suggest gardeners what kind of plants will suit their respective gardens best. Gardeners can trust the advice of experts at this plant nursery in Chandigarh when it comes to plants.

Sometimes, knowing which plant will be best for their garden is a tough job for many gardeners. Whether it’s because of the arrangement being unclear or the nature of the plant. Well, this is not a problem for Surya Nursery as this plant nursery in Chandigarh has the best recommendations of plants that fit in every garden perfectly. These plants are handpicked by the experts at Surya Nursery to be in every garden there is. The thing about these plants is that they fit perfectly in any garden and look amazing while doing it. So, here are the top 5 garden plants for your collection.

Chinese Elm Bonsai

Chinese Elm BonsaiChinese Elms are natives of East Asia and left to their natural form they can grow up to 60ft tall. However, these exquisite trees were seemingly made for The Art of Bonsai. The Chinese Elm’s canopy is rounded and lush with small, shiny, leathery dark-green leaves that have tiny teeth running alongside each edge. The plant is easily available at the best plant nursery in Chandigarh. Surya Nursery provides the best quality Chinese Elm Bonsai and it adds beauty to every garden. Bonsai are symbols of peace in China and that’s why they are essential to have in every garden.

Red Moon Cactus

Red Moon CactusYou’ll always recognize them by their bright pink, yellow, or orange colors. The bright neon colors are usually in the shape of round-looking balls, with thorns, and they’re sitting on top of another green-colored cactus. The little moon cactus is a funny plant because it’s two plants in one and the product of human design. For the bright section of the plant, it had to be grafted to the second plant beneath to survive. Many people don’t realize when they see these easily recognizable little cactus plants at their local plant nurseries that they’re looking at two separate plants. The red moon cactus at Surya Nursery is the perfect choice for every garden.

Vishnu Kamal

ed Moon CactusMother nature has all the beauty that any other living thing can possess, and flowers play a significant role. You can never resist its beauty when they bloom and paint the world with its colors. It lies in the family Crassulaceae. The Vishnu Kamal plant describes feminine beauty, especially the female eyes. If we study the Hindu Mythology, The Bhagavad Gita then we’ll get to know that within each human there is a spirit of the sacred lotus that represents eternity, divinity, and purity of human beings. The Vishnu Kamal has immense spiritual significance and also looks amazing. It is easily available at Surya Nursery.

Kamini Chameli

Vishnu KamalFilling the air with the sweet smell of orange blossoms, Kamini Chameli is a welcome addition to any garden. Kamini Chameli is a great choice if you’re looking to attract bees, birds, or butterflies to your garden. Caring for Kamini Chameli is also surprisingly simple. This lovely plant is a compact evergreen shrub with oval, shiny, deep green leaves. Kamini Chameli is easily available at the best plant nursery in Chandigarh. The experts at Surya Nursery take proper care of plants and they’ll even guide you on how to make Kamini Chameli a part of your garden.

Echeveria Laui

Echeveria LauiThis slow-growing type of succulent plant is native to Mexico and is popularly used as a decorative plant because of its unique pink color. There aren’t any common names for Echeveria Laui and it has been hybridized extensively. In addition to its main species, there is a wide range of varieties that have been bred specially for their distinctive leaf color and form. The succulent Echeveria laui is typically unbranched and has powdery blue-grey-white leaves. This plant is perfect for every garden as it adds a unique and intriguing look to the garden. Surya Nursery has the best growers of this succulent and you can trust the best plant nursery in Chandigarh to provide the best quality.

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