Sustainable Practices

We hope you’ll join us in taking steps to improve our community and our ecosystem.


We use recycled materials for packing and shipping plant material. Containers and pots from our landscape operations are reused or recycled.

Local Plants

Most of our plants come from the local growers, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint from freight and transport.

Compost Mixture

Each year we turn thousands of cubic yards of clippings, leaves, and grass into premium compost which is available for sale from our Bulk Yard.

Organic Fertilizers

We stock a wide variety of natural & organic products, including Espoma Fertilizers, which are safe for people & pets.

Life Lived Beautifully.

With development, more and more of us are now living in the cities and urban farming has become essential to meet our food needs. We aim to inspire sustainability and promote growing our own food by providing world-class seeds and a dedicated urban farming program. Plants can both be your living and evolving décor accessories and also valuable additions to your overall health.


Tools and supplies

As with everything at Surya Nursery, we sell what we believe in. From gloves and totes to hoses and watering wands, our selection can be used by both the novice and the avid gardener.

Nursery plants

Surya Nursery has a selection of over 1,000 unique plants. From perennials to aquatic plants, there’s something for everyone here. Spice up your garden with rare and exotic plants.